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Archive for March, 2009

hello fantastic “latest news” fans,… thank you for logging onto my ‘franksworld’ web site,… i do 2 or 3 blog’s a week (puppets permitting !) to keep you up-to-date on my semi-proffesional show-biz-ness career. i’m off to america next week,… but don’t think there will be nothing going on for everyone else in every other […]

bobbins hoskins,….

hello fantastic fans,… i was on absolute radio this morning trying to win £20,00 for “manchester vs. cancer” ,… but bob hskin’s got my question right,… so i don’t think i won!!! here’s someone who did win at my last l.m.r.c.a show !!! i’ve been stringing up my ‘mad cow’ puppet today,… ready for his […]

inking up,…

hello fantastic fans,.. and welcome to my extended “franksworld” blog. i’ll be giving a full list of ‘testcard’ transmission times for next week at the end of this blog… (but this is for television engineers only). tons of stuff is coming in thick and fast and furious at the moment ,…i’ve just been added a […]

radio timperley

hello fantastic fans,… yes ,….radio ,… timperley,… it goes all round the world (and probably other places too !)… read on… and first of all ,… let me say a massive big “thank you” to everyone who came to sunday nights l.m.r.c.a. club ’80’s special’ of mine,… you were brilliant !!! i did a bit […]

little frank’s body,…

hello fantastic fans,… here’s a clip of little frank’s body ‘going’ at kendal calling…. and you could be going home with the new one i’ve made if you come to tomorrow night’s lmrca club show !!!! i hope you all enjoyed me on my “proper telly  show in b/w” (colour repeat) last night ,…. there […]

telly/concert news

hello fantastic fans,…. at last i’m back with my ace ‘franksworld’ latest news blogs!!! and just lt me say … thay these will be much more better and beltin than my other blogs,… and will have more news and pics… like this one – yes ,.. that’s me on ebay at the moment with some […]