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Archive for May, 2010

bbc documentry,…

hello fantastic fans,… and a big “thank you” to all who have come to see me on my shows with john cooper clarke over the last few months,… you have all been brilliant… and there may be plans for me and clarkie to tour ireland ! the last two nights at the assembly rooms in […]

a wonderful end !!!

hello fantastic fans,… and i just want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who came to see me last night at the leadmill in sheffield,… where i did some showbizness with my ace mate john cooper clarke,…. it was the last in a series of shows i’ve i’ve been doing with him,.. and […]

operation skeletor,…

hello fantastic fans,… i’ve had 2 operations this week on my cancer, one was taking some bobbins cancer stuff out (which they let me watch on a screen in colour and in black’n’white – how very space 1999 is that !) ,.. and the other was having a tube put in my throat. both went […]

church – operations,…

hello fantastic fans,… i’ve had 2 operations this week (see “operation skeletor” blog),… and i’ve got my “me as skeletor” artwork and skeletor figure up !!! you can view it at the “me as me after chemo” is doing really well,.. at over £360 and over 10,000 views (that’s a lot for a ebay […]

birthday cancer

hello fantastic fans,… and no,… i’m not having a birthday cancer party !!!! i had my birthday party last month,… and i only found out about my cancer 2 weeks ago!. … lets celebrate morrissey’s birthday ( & no,.. he’s not 63 as it said in the press !!!) as every day i fancy a […]

birthday cancer,…

radio cancer,…

hello fantastic fans,… and “no” !!!!,… ‘m not starting a new station called “radio cancer” \(stupid !) …. it’s just a quick bulletin from me with todays radio news,… and to say a blog will follow later today with more news and a cancer update ! (subscribe now!) (to view ufo stuff, click —> […]

bobbins cancer

hello fantastic fans,… and yes,… aren’t you fantastic… !!! over three and a half thousand of you have looked on ebay at the… “me as me after chemotherapy” artwork…. …… and i even put the wrong link on the last bulletin !!! it’s up to £77 already and it’s not even been on half a […]

headline news,….

hello fantastic fans,… blimey,… i made the front page headline of the “manchester evening news” today, with “frank fight’s cancer” !!!,… (pesky reporters,….my mum is going to go up the wall,… and across the ceiling !!!) see last blog for full details. anyway,… i can now comfirm that i wiil be running the “magical timperley […]

oh blimey,… bobbins news !

hello fantastic fans,… well,.. after all the hospital tests of scans, and x-rays and cameras down me etc etc ,… yes i’ve got cancer !!! but don’t worry,.. i’m not going anywhere just yet,.. and i’m looking forward to another 25 years in fantastic semi-professional show-bizness first !!! so i’ve got a few weeks off […]

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