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football fever,…

hello fantastic fans,…

,.. and yes,.. the world cup kicks off this friday….

… and i’ll be at the salutation pub, higher chatham street (off oxford rd) manchester, where i’ll be singing my new world cup song “three shirts on my line” and loads of other footie anthems too ! …. big screen for the match,… small stage for me,… and i’ll be bringing my subutteo too !

i’ll also be playing soccer stuff (plus your tunes) on my sunday “radio timperley” shows through june/july …
listen in live on worldwide….
11am in l.a. ~ 2pm in new york ~ 7pm in the uk ~ 8pm in germany etc etc

there wiil be free podcasts too @


..other live footie shows include..
** the lexington, north london, friday the 25th june,..
** the l.m.r.c.a. club, navigation rd, altrincham, sunday 4th july,…
(both concerts will have my “oh blimey big band” (6 peice) with me !!!)

… also don’t forget that “the bigshorts” will be in the altrincham parade on saturday morning 3rd june,… we’ll be with the “timperley aquatics van” showing off our division 1 trophy we won this season….
the parade starts at 10pm in alty,… and works it’s way down to beech road playing fields in timperley by noon,.. where they have live shows, a beer tent and funfair for the afternoon !!!

right,… that’s enough about football,… but if you want more… visit ~

,… oh yes, you know i said in my last blog that i never get reviews,..

well here’s another that mr. routledge found…

,…. and finaly,… this years “magical timperley tour” (which could be the last !)
is on sunday the 4th july,… with the open top bus doing 3 trips with me as your guide.

it’ll be a new route this year,… full details for bookins can be obtained from mr. alston on 07966 189650 or 0161 652 1217 .

the next blog will have details of how to get my “world cup” song,.. and help cancer research too ! (subscribe now !)

best regards

frank sidebottom

right,… back to football !


3 Responses to “football fever,…”

  1. on 21 Jun 2010 at 5:33 pmIanB

    Bye bye Frank – the world will never be quite the same without you.

  2. on 21 Jun 2010 at 5:40 pmPatches Ramsbottom

    Frank – we tried to flick chewing gum and fag ends into your eye holes during a gig years ago.

    Sorry to hear you’ve snuffed it.

    Enjoy the great comedy gig in the sky!

  3. on 21 Jun 2010 at 6:22 pmChris Telford

    Bye Frank !!! R.I.P Comedy Legend

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