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radio cancer,…

hello fantastic fans,…

and “no” !!!!,… ‘m not starting a new station called “radio cancer” \(stupid !)
…. it’s just a quick bulletin from me with todays radio news,… and to say a blog will follow later today with more news and a cancer update ! (subscribe now!)

(to view ufo stuff, click —> )

don’t forget today see’s me back doing my weekly “radio timperley” 1 hour live show,.. you can listen live online at @ 7pm in the uk ~~~ 2pm in new york ~~~ 8pm in berlin etc etc…. and i’ll be playing some more of the tunes you’ve sent me in for my “timperley top ten”


but if you can’t wait till 7pm ,… then there are some free “radio timperley” podcasts to download at or

and my “me as me after chemotherapy” artwork,…
… has had nearly seven and a half thousand views,… and the bidding is now over £350 pounds ! (that’s good for cancer research !!!)
view it at —>

all this weeks concert dates and news to follow in the blog too,..

best regards
frank sidebottom
…. and happy birthday moz

p.s. i’m off to a car boot sale now !

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